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Sustainability refers to the ability to maintain balance and stability of a system over time. In particular, from an environmental perspective, sustainability concerns the ability to preserve natural resources and their use in order to guarantee their availability for future generations.

The sustainability of the organization
Grafibox Sud SpA - Benefit Company


The Benefit Corporation is a legal form of business chosen by those companies that decide to spontaneously commit themselves to create a positive impact on society and the biosphere and create shared value, as well as generate profit.
Sustainability has become an integral part of our business model.
An important and significant choice that we have made because we want to be virtuous: we feel, unquestionably, responsible for our social impact and without enjoying economic or fiscal incentives, committing ourselves to consider the impact of our organization on the Company and on the environment at the in order to create long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders.
We will annually communicate and report, according to third-party standards, the results achieved, their progress and future commitments towards achieving social and environmental impact, both towards partners and/or shareholders and towards the general public.

Our commitment

Grafibox SUD uses EcoVadis, an international rating platform to assess its performance in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility,
The annual evaluation assigns a score from 0 to 100 which allows customers to assess the impact of suppliers and select the most attentive ones on the basis of concrete data and
the company to take actions to improve its performance


The search for sustainability in our products

Attention: the certification of biodegradability and compostability is issued by accredited bodies.

Controlled supply chain

Of all the materials available, paper and cardboard are the most valid option in terms of sustainability because:

- derive from renewable sources.

- they are 100% recyclable materials.

- are among the materials with the most virtuous life cycle.


The Pro Carton report Carbon Footprint of Cartonboard Packaging 2023, a study conducted by the Swedish research institute RISE. highlights how our industry is playing a leading role in packaging circularity. The results are as follows:

•The industry has reduced its carbon footprint by 24% since 2018.

•The average carbon footprint of the cartons sector now stands at 249 kgCO2e from cradle to grave per ton of cartons.

• Cradle-to-gate carbon footprint now stands at just 148 kgCO2e cradle-to-gate per tonne of cartons.

These achievements are evidence of the fiber packaging industry's commitment to leading the packaging sector towards a circular economy.


The importance of People

Grafibox Sud, together with its employees, aims to increase awareness of all aspects of production and management, in order to create an environment conducive to well-being, efficiency, stimulation of skills and continuity.

Grafibox South

Personnel management is based on fairness, merit, enhancement of skills and diversity, with the aim of developing and consolidating profitable and long-lasting relationships. Continuous training and the high involvement of personnel, in which the company constantly invests, lead to continuous improvement of all company processes, to the achievement of objectives and to the success and personal well-being of each individual resource.

Energy as part of sustainability

Grafibox Sud, to produce its prodotti, in respect of sustainability, uses only energy from renewable sources. 


Enegan2.bmp certificate

R&D: Support in design and optimization

By making our know-how available, we can support you in the creation of Mock-Ups in order to create more sustainable products while maintaining the technical standards of the sector.


We can all contribute to sustainability

Thanks toenvironmental labeling, with which we can correctly identify and sort the product in separate collection, in such a way as to be able to put the recycling chain in order.

In thededicated page, there are all the materials with which we produce and package the products for our customers.

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