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In order to adequately satisfy an increasingly demanding market that requires a constant increase in flexibility and quality, Grafibox Sud has structured internally  a highly specialized Technical Division with the aim of providing its Customers with the assistance needed for optimization of graphic installations, the study and realization of prototypes of various kinds and / or alternative solutions to the forms and materials currently in use.

We offer our Customers our extensive technical know-how and our equipments to follow them and to guide them from the idea stage to the packaging line.




We have patented a case with anti-fall and anti-breakage system, designed and built in full synergy with the Customer to meet his particular needs
The innovation is linked to the creation of a case that guarantees content protection from external impacts, which prevents it from falling in case of accidental opening from the bottom (anti-fall system) and it can be used on automatic packaging lines.



A Box Of Solutions

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