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On October 23, 1965, with a single production line, Grafibox began his long journey towards goals imaginable only by virtue of a great dream and great tenacity.

In 1984 Grafibox Sud became Grafibox Sud Srl and, following its important growth path, moved to a location more suited for its renewed development needs.
In 2004 Grafibox Sud became Grafibox Sud SpA.


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In 2007 the company acquired Arti Grafiche Antonelli, a company already known in the sector since the 1970s. The acquisition of a company with documented experience and considerable know-how guarantees Grafibox a complete back-up site, a reliable partner and allows for  further expansion of its markets and production capacity.

Grafibox Sud SpA is proud to count among its customers the main pharmaceutical companies in Europe and worldwide.

The Company, in addition to supplying their national sites, also exports to their other foreign sites.
For many years, as a result of visits, assessments and monitoring of supplies, the Company has been validated as a "European supplier" by the leading multinationals of the pharmaceutical sector.


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