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Graphic Services

Grafibox Sud is able to manage the exchange of graphic files with Customers and suppliers using all the electronic formats available on the market.
The Prepress Department is equipped with appropriate equipment and is capable of manufacturing and industrializing graphic systems, films, printing plates and moke-ups.
The department uses the ArtPro industrialization platforms and the most innovative Packz, now increasingly a reference point in the global paper industry.
Particular attention to security guarantees maximum reliability in the conservation of graphic files through monitored backups and effective security procedures.
The activities offered by Grafibox Sud for the management of graphic installations include:

  • preliminary verification: pre-flight and control of the requirements of good manufacturing: text margins inside the facades, drilling / overprints, image resolution, barcode dimensions, trapping, pendant, Braille position control, perforated sticker, positive surveys or negatives, color application control and / or special finishes;

  • proposal for optimization and possible reduction of colors during printing;

  • elaboration of the technical drawing of the single (die-cut) for a conforming manufacture;

  • insertion and adaptation of the graphic system in the technical drawing of the individual;

  • generation of a PDF based on the profile (PDF / 1.4 and subsequent) requested by the Customer with composite and separations;

  • production of Moke-up printed and cut on the plotter for verification of shape and size.


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