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Grafibox Sud is deeply grateful to its customers for the trust placed in the company for over fifty years.
With the acquisition of Arti Grafiche Antonelli (AGA), also operating in the pharmaceutical packaging market for almost eighty years, Grafibox Sud has a capable partner, as well as another important production site and complete back-up.
Therefore, the Group boasts many years of experience as well as an important portfolio of customers with multiple specificities and individualities. Over the years, these elements have encouraged the specialization and the leadership of our company within the sector.
The quality level of the products and the standard of service that we are able to provide represent our main strengths, of which we are very proud.
For fifty years we have concentrated all our resources towards a defined goal: to ensure that our products are competitive, without defects and of great machinability.
In a market where quality, reliability and punctuality outline the main factors of successful companies, Grafibox is committed to keeping the promise made to its customers, always placing these prerogatives at the center of all its activities.

The specific skills required for each of our activities and the operational synergies between the various departments of our companies make Grafibox Sud a structured and dynamic company.
This is how we intend to continue obtaining our results.
With the aim of continuously supporting our production sites, expanding the business and ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, Grafibox has chosen to constantly test and adopt a policy of continuous
self-improvement (Kaizen).
This voluntary philosophy, combined with our consolidated know-how, will allow us to continue our research and development and to make us more prepared and qualified, at the service of our Customers.
Industrial Efficiency
•    Control and optimization of all production processes
•    Compliance with all regulations applicable to our operations in terms of safety and environmental protection
Human capital and relational efficiency
•    Continuous attention to work environments
•    Development, participation and empowerment of each individual
•    Understanding, and even anticipating, the needs of our Customers, to become solutions promoters
 Management efficiency in the Quality Control process
•    Targeted procedures and UNI EN ISO 9001 certification at all production sites
•    Observation, documentation and evaluation of reports, in order to minimize them
•    Active participation of all our employees within all business processes
•     Continuous monitoring steps and improvement of all our operational processes



 Nicola La Rosa



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