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Customer satisfaction is Grafibox Sud  prime objective and is considered the center of all the Company's activities.
Faithful to this philosophy, the Company puts all its staff at the complete disposal of the Customer for a pro-active, synergistic and effective collaboration that can lead to a reduction of the total costs of realization without affecting the quality of the product.
To this purpose, consultancy services are available for training at the Customer's site and / or our office on the life cycle of cartons and leaflets to optimize the following activities:

  • reduction of lead-time delivery through knowledge of process variables;

  • reduction of waste and stock residues at the Customer;

  • strategies to reduce production costs with purchase order optimization techniques;

  • use of alternative materials (paper / cardboard) to focus on the value of the packaging, identify the suitable material and eliminate unnecessary costs;

  • technical assistance at the Customer's packaging lines;

  • drafting of supply specifications and Quality Service Agreement on paper material.


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