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Grafibox Sud wins the prizeBest Paper converting2022!

Press Oscar 2022

Oscar della Stampa 2022 the only and most sought-after recognition of the excellence of the printing and converting industry in Italy. Continual drive towards innovation and vision, entrepreneurial leadership combined with the all-Italian imprinting of creativity and imagination to take full advantage of the incomparable charm of print.

Perspective of continuous upgrade of products and services obtained thanks to strategies of technological, management and human resources innovation. These are the values ​​that the Oscars della Stampa have been seeking in the printing and converting sector for over 30 years, bringing the excellence of our country to the fore.


On the threshold of its 60 years, Grafibox confirms the young and avant-garde spirit that has always distinguished it. With courage, ambition, renowned vision, determination and conscience, the Company continues unstoppable, writing new pages and remaining firmly anchored to its founding values.

Our "first" 60 years of experience have made us predisposed to listening, quality, attention, lightning-fast reaction ability, sobriety, concreteness and transparency: we identify and will always identify with these attitudes. ​


Special thanks to the great Grafibox Sud team for their passion, dedication, perseverance, reliability, seriousness and wonderful sense of belonging, an essential element that makes all our projects possible!

Grafibox Sud S.p.A. Benefit Company
is a graphic and board converting company
specialized in the production of folding cartons,
leaflets and labels
intended for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

Technology, vision and extensive know-how are the basis for reliable, clear and time sensitive answers

Since 1965
Today Grafibox represents 12% of the Italian pharmaceutical secondary packaging market.

40% of production is exported worldwide.

Grafibox Sud S.p.A proudly becomes a Benefit Company The Benefit Companies (SB) represent an evolution of the very concept of a company. They are the expression of a more advanced paradigm: they integrate into their corporate purpose, in addition to profit objectives, that of having a positive impact on society and the biosphere. By common benefit we mean the pursuit of one or more positive effects on people, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders. Benefit companies pursue these mutual benefit purposes in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner.

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